Thread-On Spill Container - 5G Type FYRQ-01

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This product is designed to prevent spilled product from entering the soil near the fill and vapor return riser connections on underground storage tanks during normal tank filling operation, or in the vent of tank overfill. 

The spill containment catches spillage to help prevent soil contamination and ground water pollution. This product generally used on new tank or riser pipe installation.


  • Easy Installation - Reduct job-site time and installation cost. 
  • Integral Pull-to-Open Drain Valve - Allows high speed drainage of excess produc tinto the tank. Designed with a conventional self-cleaning seal and removable screen for easier component cleaning. 
  • Capacity - Available in a true 5 gallon capacity. 
  • Rain-Shadding Cover - Available in cast iron, prevent surface water from entering the spill container. 
  • Fuel Compatibility - Can accomodate the fuels of the future, including methanol, ethanol and fule fwith MTBE additives.
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Ring - Offer superior protection against conductive.



Cover: Cast Iron/Alumunium
Mounting ring: Cast Iron
Bellows: Polyethylene
Base: Compound FIbre
Clamps: Stainless Steel
Seals: Buna-N


Net Weight: 25.35k/pc
Gross Weight: 28kg/pc
Dimension: 42 x 42 x 48 cm3/case of 1 pc

Price include Filter and Camlock

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